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Day Zero


Day Zero is an award-winning, zero-budget indie series about a future war-torn America that had never advanced its technical prowess due to a world treaty for peace — that is, until secret dictatorships attacked her with augmented nuclear weaponry, decimating most of the population and altering some of the survivors into a primordial state.

Starring: Cal Nguyen, Bill Gillane, Colin McDermott

Watch Day Zero today at:

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Robiis by Play Works Studio

Product Website:

Company Website:

Robiis is a robotic gaming platform to teach the fundamentals of programming to children 6 and up. Suitable for solo or collaborative play at home or in the classroom, Robiis encourages girls and boys to develop a passion for technology while having fun!

Robiis is by Play Works Studio, a Seattle-based startup dedicated to advancing the status of women in Science and Technology through education and inclusivity.



Heliosphere 2265

Product Website:  Heliosphere 2265, Volume 1, The Dark Fragment

Company Website:

Heliosphere 2265 is a German Space Opera. It sets focus on the Crew of Interlink Cruiser HYPERION which get involved in a conspiracy inside the Solarian government. When a political earthquake appears, the Crew must choose their path. With all consequences.

Volumes 1-9 are now available in English language.

The Space Opera got 2013, 2014 and 2015 nominated for the German Phantastic Award in the category “Best Series”. Also as “Best Novel” in 2013.

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