The Requiem Post Production Crowd Funding Drive Now Underway!


Renegades: The Requiem, Part 2 is ALMOST DONE. Principal photography is complete, and we are hard at work creating the SFX and final touches that will make Requiem truly special.

And we need your help!

The final fundraising campaign launches today. We need one final push to finance the post-production that will finish this film. Once funded, we will be releasing Requiem as a single feature WITHIN 60 DAYS.

You want to see this movie!! We’re bringing the sci-fi love: great characters, amazing aliens, epic space battles, and FX you’d normally find in a blockbuster. And for true-blue sci-fi geeks, Renegades: The Requiem represents a hallmark — amazing performances by screen legends Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols. What an amazing moment, seeing these two on screen together again!

If you’ve enjoyed Renegades…if you want to see more ­– help us get Renegades: the Requiem to release. Whether you donate one dollar or a hundred, you support is what makes our films possible. The campaign is on. It’s “do or die” time. We are so close! Please donate today. The Renegades are counting on you!



Limited Run T-Shirt and Ball Cap

We wanted to include a clothing item in our reward tiers for this final campaign, so we asked local graphic artist Aaron Harvey to design something for us. He’s no newbie to the world of sci-fi & horror — his portfolio includes work for The Walking Dead, and most recently designing a cover for IDW’s popular Green Lantern / Star Trek crossover series.

Aaron took his “Renegades in alien space” art and turned it into a pretty kick-ass t-shirt. Way cool! He’s also designed a ball cap with our alien Jolly Roger logo. If you want a truly unique reward, this is a fantastic limited time offer.

Renegades Com Badge Prop

Hailing Icarus! Icarus, do you read me? Hello?

Sorry, this is a fantastic collectible, but it won’t communicate with ships in low Earth orbit. (At least, we don’t think it will.)

We had our prop master Scott Nakada create a limited run of additional Com Badge props. These are not replicas…they’re the exact same as those used in the show! This item comes with a Renegades acrylic display case, but the badge is fully detachable – wear it proudly, or show it off. Anyone who earns one of these will always be a member of the Renegades crew in our eyes, so the badge is entirely appropriate.

This is a great gift for any sci-fi fan with a memorabilia collection. Check it out!!